Good riddance 2016

2016 has to be one of the worst years I have ever experienced, so much has happened.

As you have most likely noticed this year I have been a little withdrawn from Tumblr and pretty much every other aspect of my life. This is because I have been in a ongoing battle with my depression & anxiety. I have experienced some of the lowest points in my life so far. 

Since around July I have been on a downward spiral. I began to get frustrated with not being able to pull myself out of the ‘dark times’, which resulted in me beginning to self harm again. Now, I don’t cut myself, I scratch to the point where I draw blood. It’s the only way I find I am able to rid any stress/frustration/anger I have, without involving anyone else. Once this started to happen I tried to seek help by seeing Doctors, counsellors but no matter what I tried I still felt alone and couldn’t pull myself up.

 Novermber & Decemeber have been the worst months. I found myself distancing myself from everybody, I completely avoid leaving the house, I’ve moved all mirrors so I’m unable to see myself, I don’t talk to many people and even if I do the responses I give have been very short. Christmas feeling alone, worthless, frustrated, hated, meaningless was never a good mix and it led me to the decision that I wanted to die. Boxing day was the day I overdosed. I obviously survived and once I had taken the pills I immediately regretted my decision but felt like it was too late until I woke up in hospital.

But yeah, Good riddance to 2016 and Hello to new beginnings in a new year.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas & New year! I will try get back to posting in a couple of months once I am fully recovered.

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