Soul to Shadow

Stare into the dark,

Dark stares back at me,

Something feels familiar,

Just nothing I can see.

They come out at night,

At night they want to play,

A shadow comes alive with light,

And now I am His prey.

Candles light the room,

For once I’m not alone,

Black shadows on the walls,

They dance upon the stone.

With every breath He takes,

I lose another one of mine,

And when He says “come closer”,

I feel our hands entwine.

Some moments last forever,

I wish this one did too,

He takes all doubt away and then,

I finally cut through.

A smirk upon the face of Death,

He knows my time is neigh,

With one last whisper,

I say this world goodbye.

My future is forever black,

come alive with light,

Stuck to the wall forever,

Just blow me out tonight.

[Written by me: ]


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